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leopard_women's Journal

The Leopard Women
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Jessica is the baby of the group. She's actually the oldest but acts the youngest and is the least mature. Not that anyone here is actually MATURE. Her main interests are James Dean, 80's movies, disco, The Outsiders, The Sims, Harry Potter, Queer Eye, broadway plays, and Johnny Depp.

Laura is the snotty one of the group. That is, if you don't know her. She speaks her mind and isn't afraid of anyone. She is a really good friend, of course. Her main interests are Chad Michael Murray, soccer, One Tree Hill, reading, Faizan, watching the Olympics, neopets, reality shows, saying big words, and the Disney channel.

Lauren is the evil one of the group...if she doesn't like you. She's extremely funny and takes very weird pictures. She also likes to sit on Jessica, it's one of her main hobbies. Her main interests are taking pictures, the disney channel, neopets, PIG, livejournal layouts, Oscar the Grouch, biting people, and YO' MOMMA.

Lauren is the geeky one of the group. She is the best at graphics and is the most obsessed with livejournal (hence the reason she is the founder). Her main interests are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, writing, fan fiction, computers, taking pictures, and Rent.

6th period lunch, adam pascal, aida, aim, alan rickman, andy dick, andy serkis, anti-george bush, ashlee simpson, being evil, being stoooooooopud, billy boyd, billy joel, biting people, books, borders, britian, british people, broadway, cake, calling jessica ugly, cameras, carson kressley, cd's, cheese, chicago, chocolate, chocolate cupcakes, cookies, dancing, danny phantom, dear abby, dirty dancing, disco, disney channel, disney movies, dogma, dogs, dominic monaghan, dvd's, ed soloman, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, ella enchanted, fairly oddparents, food, friends, fun-dip, george from queer eye, harry potter, hating the blonde beast, jai rodriguez, james dean, jeremy kushnier, jessica, johnny depp, karmine alers, kazaa, kyan douglas, la torta, laura, lauren, leopard women, les mis, lindsay lohan, liv tyler, london, lotr, magazines, making movies, matt caplan, matt dillon, meh ma mah meh, mr murphy, mr smurphy lee, music, musicals, new york city, newspaper, not liking popular people, oldies, one tree hill, orlando bloom, paint shop pro, panera, patrick swayze, phil of the future, photos, pig, pinball, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys, queer eye, rain, ralph maccio, raven symone, reading, reality tv, rebel without a cause, rent, ricky ullman, road rules, rob lowe, rupert grint, scar, scaring people, shopping, sims, singing loud, sledding, soda, spongebob, summer, super troopers, survivor, taking random pictures, ted allen, the assistant, the bachelor, the cheetah girls, the kelly face, the man, the monkees, the mr maniaci dance, the oc, the outsiders, the partridge family, the real world, the towel princess, the west wing, thom filicia, vanilla cupcakes, west side story, winter, writing, yankees, yo mom